Biden’s age becomes ‘issue’ for White House – NYT

Washington, SANA-(TASS)-President Joe Biden’s age is increasingly becoming an issue for the White House, The New York Times (NYT) reported on Saturday, citing a host of unnamed officials, who admitted that the US leader’s “energy level” is not what it once was and they “quietly watch out” for him.

The president’s age is already affecting his routine, the NYT admits, adding that in particular it has prompted the White House to change his foreign trip schedule.

Biden, who is about to start his four-day trip to the Middle East next week, was initially expected to do that right after his trip to Europe last month.

Yet, the endeavor was reportedly deemed “crazy” for the 79-year-old, as one unnamed official put it in a conversation with the NYT.

A dozen current and former senior US officials insisted the president “remained intellectually engaged” throughout his presidency as he was asking “smart questions at meetings,” grilling his aides on various points of discussion and rewriting his speeches “right up until the last minute,” NYT chief White House correspondent Peter Baker wrote.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Amer Dawa

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