4th Syrian-Russian Joint Meeting to follow up on Int’l Conference on Return of Syrian Refugees and Displaced starts activities

Damascus, SANA- The 4th Syrian-Russian Joint Meeting started activities on Tuesday in Damascus to follow up on the International Conference on Return of Syrian Refugees and Displaced.

Within the framework of the meeting, several sessions, meetings and joint activities between the Syrian and Russian sides are being held today at the Conferences Palace in Damascus and in several other provinces, with the aim of reaching cooperation agreements in several areas and distributing humanitarian aid in several regions.

The activities of the three-day meeting include a joint session of the Syrian and Russian ministerial coordination bodies, in the presence of representatives of the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations, at the Umayyad Palace of Conferences.

The activities of the meeting will also include joint meetings between the two sides in different provinces within the sectors of economy, trade, higher education, education, health, communications, justice, culture, local administration, environment, energy, agriculture, agrarian reform, transport and industry, in addition to activities for distributing humanitarian aid and school books in several regions.

As for media sector, a meeting brought together the Syrian Ministry of Information and representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development and Communication and the media of the Russian Federation.

Following the meeting, assistant Minister of Information, Ahmad Dawa, said in a press briefing that means of enhancing cooperation in the technical field and media training were discussed, pointing out that the coming days will witness good cooperation between the two sides in the fields of media, printing and photography, work is also underway to complete an agreement prepared in advance

Ekaterina Larina, Director of Digital Development at the Ministry of Communication and Russian Media, for her part, hoped important outcomes of work would be reached between the two sides to deepen relations in the media and technical field.

In the field of economy, the two sides discussed ways to activate the trade and economic cooperation agreements signed between Syria and the Crimea, due to the completion of all administrative and legal procedures and the exchange of data on materials that can be exported, according to assistant Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Rania Ahmed, indicating that discussions also included the development of trade relations and ways of Shipping, which contributes to increasing trade exchange between the two countries

The First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Gudrin, said that the “Syrian- Crimean Commercial House”, which was formed under an agreement signed in 2019, is a center for exchanging export offers and concluding commercial deals between the two countries, adding that the establishment of a joint shipping company will be discussed to supply products between the two parties through Crimea to Russia.

The International Conference on Return of Syrian Refugees was held in November of the year 2020, where its final statement affirmed Syria’s readiness to return its citizens to the homeland and to continue efforts to provide them with decent living conditions.

The conference called on the international community to provide appropriate support to refugees and increase its contribution and support to Syria through the implementation of projects related to reconstruction, health and medical care, social services, and demining.

The meeting between Ministry of Economy and the Russian side

The meeting between Ministry of Information and the Russian side

The meeting between Ministry of Justice and the Russian side

The meeting between Ministry of Interior and Central Bank and the Russian side 

The meeting between Ministry of Awqaf and the Russian side

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