Russian Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass-Live Updates

  • Russian forces disable 32 Ukrainian military sites with high-precision missiles
  • Russian Defense Ministry: Neo-Nazis in Ukraine planted explosive devices near Nikolayev factory for repairing planes, and they plot to detonate them to blame the Russian army of the act
  • Russian Defense: Russian Forces disable 4 Ukrainian weapons caches in the Slavyansk region with high-precision missiles
  • Russian Defense warns Kyiv against using British weapons to target Russian lands and pledges to respond.
  • Shulgin: The West considers Organization of Prohibition of weapons as a tool to implement its interests
  • Lavrov: The West violets UN Charter and principle of multilateralism
  • Pushilin calls for the start of a new phase of the Russian special military operation after the end of the liberation of Donetsk
  • Russian army seizes a Ukrainian base and large quantities of weapons
  • Zakharova: (The insolent policy) of Kyiv regime has led to the current situation in Ukraine
  • Kyiv authorities and Ukrainian extremists use civilians as human shields
  • Russian Defense: four Ukrainian military facilities destroyed by high-precision missiles last night
  • Russian Defense: Russian air defense systems hit 87 Ukrainian military installations, destroyed two S-300 air defense systems, a Tochka-U missile launcher, and electronic jamming station
  • Ukrainian forces renew bombing of Russian Belgorod region

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