Syria expresses deep concern over Ukrainian Nazi nationalists’ provocations

Damascus, SANA-Syria has expressed deep concern over information about warnings of the dangers of provocations that some Ukrainian Nazi nationalist organizations are seeking to carry out to accuse the Russian Federation and its armed forces of using chemical weapons against civilian population in Donbass.

“That information indicate that some Ukrainian nationalist extremists planted explosives on containers that include chlorine in the city of Belogorovka in the Donbass region in order to detonate them when the People’s Liberation Army approaches in Lugansk,” An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns, in the strongest terms, the step taken by some Ukrainian extremists on April 9th, 2022 when they destroyed a container that includes dangerous materials in a chemical factory located in Lugansk, which led to the emission of toxic chemicals that polluted large areas of land in that region and posed direct threat to the population and the environment,” the source said.

It added that Syria is satisfied with the Russian Federation’s response to such provocations, taking  in consideration  that Syria has been and still suffering from similar incidents carried out by several terrorist organizations, led by the “White Helmets” terrorist organization.

 “Syria calls on international organizations, particularly  the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, to be aware of the dangers of those chemical provocations,” the source concluded.

Fedaa/ MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen

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