Huge turnout at Asal al-Ward settlement center

Damascus countryside, SANA- The settlement process continued on Tuesday in Asal al-Ward town in Damascus in the framework of the settlement agreement proposed by the state to enable those who are included in the agreement in the surrounding villages and towns to join the process.

The settlement process includes the wanted civilians, deserters and those who have evaded the compulsory and reserve military service.

Head of Asal al-Ward town’s Council Ali Khalouf told SANA reporter that on Monday more than 250 wanted persons from the town and its vicinity had their files settled, asserting that the huge turnout that the center has witnessed is due to the citizens desire to return to normal life.

On Monday, the competent authorities opened a settlement center in Asal al-Ward town in Damascus countryside to settle the status of the wanted persons from the town and its surroundings who are willing to join the settlement process.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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