Russian experts: The West will fail in Ukraine as it failed in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Head of the Eurasian Integration and Development Department of the SCO institute of CIS countries Vladimir Yevseyev expressed confidence that the West will also fail in Ukraine as like as it failed in Syria, whatever it tries to support the Nazis in it.

Yevseyev affirmed that the US continues to collect and mobilize mercenaries from all parts of the world to fight in Ukraine, as it had done in Syria.

The Russian experts stressed, in an interview with SANA’s correspondent in Moscow on Saturday, that Syria confronted terrorism and fought it valiantly and defeated it, citing the destruction of the Syrian Raqqa city by the US occupation forces and that the West ignored the US crimes in it as it is ignoring the crimes of the Nazis in Donetsk.

He explained that the colonial West imposed a massive set of sanctions on Syria, Iran, Russia and other countries.

In turn, Russian Scientific researcher at the Center for Near and Middle East Studies affiliated to Russian Academy of Sciences, Amore Gadijev pointed out that the American forces illegitimately existed in Syria as they entered the Syrian territories without an official Syrian invitation, adding that the Americans are playing a negative role in finding a political solution in Syria and Ukraine.

Manar Salameh/Hala Zain

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