Moment by moment… The 23rd day of Russian special military operation to protect Donbas

Russian Defense: Russian forces shot down a Ukrainian drone , disabled 54 military targets ,and advanced 6 kilometers into the Ukrainian territory in a day.

Russian Defense: since start of the special military operation in Ukraine, the army destroyed 183 Ukrainian drones, 1,406 tanks and armored vehicles, 138 rocket launchers, 535 field guns and mortars.

Russian Defense: Russian aircrat destroyed 81 military facilities in Ukraine, including four air defense systems and three command centers.

Russian Defense: liberation of more than 90 percent of the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic.

Moscow calls on Washington to reveal data on its military biological activity in Ukraine.

Russia calls for a Security Council meeting on US biological laboratories in Ukraine

Four civilians killed in Donetsk Republic in Ukrainian shelling

Russian Defense broadcast videos on the destruction of combat equipment and warehouses of Ukrainian troops

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