Dozens of wanted persons join settlement centers in many provinces

Provinces, SANA- Dozens of wanted civilians joined the settlement process proposed by the State with the aim of consolidating stability in the liberated areas in Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and Raqqa provinces.

In addition, the local community called to increase the number of settlement centers to enable all those who are included by the settlement process to return to their normal life in their areas.

 SANA reporters in al-Amel centers in Deir Ezzor, al-Sabkha in Raqqa, Deir Hafer and Tel Arn in the eastern countryside of Aleppo said that the settlement committees received on Wednesday dozens of civilians who are included in the settlement process, among them the wanted civilians, military deserters and those who have evaded the compulsory and reserve military service, amid great satisfaction among the locals and very facilitated procedures.

Manar Salameh/Hala Zain





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