First war-wounded gets PhD in agricultural engineering with excellent mark

Damascus, SANA- The war-wounded Suqrat Ahmad obtained a PhD for his thesis that talked about producing biogas and kinds of organic fertilizers and their role in growing the maize.

The thesis was discussed in the Agriculture Faculty in Tishreen University in Lattakia.

“Ahmad is one of seven totally disabled injuries at the postgraduate studies and is the first war-wounded to obtain doctorate with excellence”, according to Homeland Wounded website.

Ahmad said that he has started to prepare for his thesis since 2017 after he had been injured in the battle of liberating Palmyra, referring that the thesis has three dimensions ;environmental, economic involves producing the biogas ,and another one relates to reducing the amount of the mineral fertilizers added to soil.

Regarding the track he chose “to be the path of his mind to light” ,according to his description ,Amad said :”It is true that the life must continue but what really matters in this is the integrity of mind because the human being with sound mind is able to adapt to any circumstance he might be exposed to during his life with the determination and will as well as with the appreciation of society to the wounded; this will inevitably push them to offer the best”.

Ahmad was graduated from Tishreen University in 2007 and obtained a diploma in 2008 ,then he continued his Master degree in Egypt in Ain Shams University.

After that he returned to Syria to join the military service and continue his studies to obtain PhD with a support from Homeland Wounded project after he was injured in the battles of liberating Palmyra.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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