Historic Afqa spring site in Palmyra inaugurated

Palmyra, SANA-Following acts of restoration and rehabilitation that started in late October, the historic Afqa spring site in Palmyra was inaugurated on Thursday.

The site is a water spring and an archaeological grotto carved into the rock about 6000 years ago.

 “The rehabilitation works of this historical spring site focused on removing rubble, revealing the entire main staircase leading to the stream, and rebuilding the archaeological wall using stones similar to the old ones, in addition to revealing archaeological layers and votive altars to the god of the spring,  Yahboul,” Director General of Antiquities and Museums, Muhammad Nazir Awad, said in a statement to SANA.

The event was held by Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Voluntary Exploration Corps in Russia and Homs province.

The director added  that the site of the spring, which came under attacks of Daesh  terrorist organization, is considered as the source of life and the secret of human existence and gathering in this region, indicating that this project will be the beginning of joint work with the Russian archaeological team to follow up the restoration of other archaeological sites in the historic area of Palmyra.

In a similar statement, Director of the Voluntary Expeditionary Archaeological Corps in Russia, Timur Karmov, considered that this important archaeological project, contributes greatly to the restoration of life to this historical spring and helps farmers return to their orchards in Palmyra oasis and their stability in the region.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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