More than 3,6 million students receive free education

Damascus, SANA- Education Ministry said on Saturday that more than 3.6 million pupils and students currently receive free education, in the Education ministry schools and institutes, spread over 13,660 kindergartens, public schools and colleges in all provinces.

Minister of Education, Darem Tabbaat told SANA in a statement that the Ministry works on raising the level of education to match with the international standards and indications, with the aim of linking education to the labor market and guarantee the requirements of the educational process, adding that the total number of students in the various stages of education reached 3,651,923, while the number of teachers and administration cadres in this sector reached 27,0070.

Tabbaa announced that the Ministry annually prints about 40 million school books at a cost of more than 12 billion Syrian pounds which are distributed for free to students at the preschool and basic education levels.

The Ministry also provides health services for students and teaching staff through 145 medical center in various provinces, in addition to that the ministry provided through its nine programs that include school vaccination programs, health education, inclusion of people with disabilities in society, research on communicable diseases and care for the psychological and mental health in schools.

On the repercussions of the terrorist war waged on Syria, the Minister pointed out that the Ministry intensified plans to eliminated the repercussions of the war on the teaching sector, through compensation for educational loss for students who were in areas controlled by terrorist organizations or for the students who have returned to their homes after liberating them from terrorism, in addition to rehabilitating the destroyed schools and putting them back into service.

Manar Salameh/Hala Zein

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