Syrian plastic artist wins silver medal at an art exhibition in Paris

Ottawa, SANA- Syrian plastic artist Randa Hijazi, who is an expatriate in Canada, was able to win the silver medal for her participation in an art exhibition held in Paris.

“Two years ago, I was accepted into the Department of Artists and Sculptors of Quebec, Canada, to be the first Syrian artist to be accepted in this department,” Artist Hijazi said in a statement to SANA.

She added “After the activities and events stopped in the last period due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the annual exhibition of the department’s artists returned in the French capital, Paris, in September of last year, with its 51st session.”

Artist Hijazi noted that the exhibition’s jury, consisting of seven international judges, chose the three winning works in the first places as she won the silver medal for a painting in a surreal style that talks about the restrictions that limit the development of women.

She indicated that the result was issued on the last day of last year to conclude 2021 with a new artistic achievement abroad.

The exhibition, which was held in the Royal Hall of Saint Madeleine Church in Paris, included 90 artworks, including paintings and sculptures, by 65 male and female artists.

In 2020, Syrian artist, Randa Hijazi, won a competition to choose the design of a monument belonging to the International Lions Club Association, to be placed later in one of Canada’s public squares.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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