In appreciation for their efforts to rehabilitate Tishreen Mill, President al-Assad instructs to offer financial award for its workers

Damascus , SANA-In appreciation of their efforts to rehabilitate Tishreen Mill and raise its actual grind capacity to 400 tons per day, President Bashar al-Assad instructed Ministry of Internal Trade to grant a financial reward to each of the mill workers.

The rewards were handed to the workers by Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Amro Salem at the mill site in Adra.

Minister Salem said in a statement that President al-Assad is closely following everything that is happening in the Tishreen Mill in terms of the achievements performed by its workers, noting that the mill has decreased its production capacity after the attacks of terrorist organizations on it.

Minister Salem said that work is underway to improve and raise the capacity of and  productivity of mills in all provinces to improve the quality of bread.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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