Film Director al-Muhannad Kulthum, member of Jury Committee of Casablanca Film Festival

Damascus, SANA- The 4th edition of the Casablanca Documentary and Short Film Festival has chosen Syrian Film Director al-Muhannad Kulthum as member of the jury committee of the festival which is scheduled to be held at Casablanca city in Morocco on December 23-25, under the motto “the Cinema and the aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip”.

14 films compete for the official competition of the festival which is organized by Casablanca International Festival of Documentary and Narrative Film Association, supported by Moroccan Film Center.

Iraqi director Hadi al-Idrisi chairs the Jury Committee.

Kulthum had participated as member of the jury committees of a number of Arab and International film festivals and the last one was the International Film festival in Tunis last month.

Hala Zain

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