Mikdad: Syria has given lessons in repelling projects that targeted its stability

Damascus, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates’ Minister, Faysal Mikdad, said that the achievements fulfilled by the Syrian Arab army and the victory recorded by the Syrian people foiled schemes that have been prepared against Syria.

Mikdad added in an interview with SAMA TV broadcast on Monday that Syria has given lessons in repelling the projects that targeted its stability and territorial integrity.

He added “All foreign ministers and officials I have met, stressed the important role of Syria in the region and the need for its return to play this role.”

“Stances of a lot of countries towards Syria have become more positive and showed willingness to have relations with Syria despite pressures being practiced on some of them and there are stances that seek to find solutions to the situation in Syria ,” Mikdad said.

He affirmed that Syria seeks to achieve a political solution that respects its sovereignty and territorial integrity, calling on the other sides to represent Syria’s interests in finding a solution that ensures a strong and capable country.

Mazen Eyon






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