OPCW uses intimidation to silence inspectors on Douma alleged chemical attack

Washington, SANA- Evidence ,which document the misleading practices of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is growing in order to hide the truth about the alleged chemical attack in Douma , Damascus countryside in 2018 as the OPCW’s senior officials not only concealed the findings of expert toxicologists about what happened ,but replaced them with a report that distorted the facts and launched campaigns targeted the inspectors who raised the alarm, according to the “Grayzone” news website.

The Journalist Aaron Mate confirmed in an investigation published by the Grayzone that suppression of the toxicologists is among a series of deceptions by the OPCW leadership to corrupt the Douma probe’s scientific process to serve the organization and its operators from the Western countries that support terrorists in Syria.

The manipulation began when the OPCW’s Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) produced a report in which the inspectors found no evidence of a chemical weapons attack in Douma. This undermined the pretexts of the US- Britain and France to stage the April 14, 2018 tripartite aggression on Syria.

The website revealed that the original report’s chief author, Dr. Brendan Whelan thwarted the false report and send an email of protest to the organization to start a confrontation later between the organization and the experts from the initial investigation team, who rejected its distortion of facts under the influence of the dominant Western countries on the organization’s work.

A former leak of OPCW’s official exposed that a former inspector, Ian Henderson led field inspections in Douma and conducted a detailed engineering study of the gas cylinders located at the scene of the accident and concluded with the cylinders were placed manually and did not fall from the air, as the organization report claimed, which indicates the responsibility of the terrorists in Douma at the time for the incident, stressing that the organization erased Henderson’s study and issued a final report that echoes the version put forward by the US and British foreign ministries to implicitly indicate that the Syrian Army drop cylinders from the air.

Despite all these facts and leaked documents about the OPCW and its misleading practices , its General Director Fernando Arias Gonzalez insisted ,during a Security Council ‘s session in last June, on presenting lies and covering up the scandal of false reports prepared by the organization about the alleged Douma attack, and the distortion of facts by senior officials of the organization over many year.

Shaza Qreima

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