Popular gathering in Fafin town, Aleppo countryside in rejection of Turkish occupation

Aleppo, SANA- A national popular gathering was held on Monday in Fafin town, Aleppo countryside in rejection of the Turkish occupation and practices of its terrorist tools against Syrian citizens.

Participants in the rally raised national flags and banners denouncing the Turkish occupation-backed terrorist organizations and their repeated crimes against the citizens, calling for the liberation of the Syrian soil from the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries by all possible means.

They stressed the necessity of resisting the Turkish occupation and its terrorist groups and preserving the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian soil, calling for confronting, by all possible means, those mercenaries and their operators until the entire Syrian soil is purified from their atrocity.

Citizens of the town and the nearby villages renewed their support and standing by the Syrian Arab Army which achieves victories in its battles against enemies of the homeland.

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