Oriels… Masterpieces on walls of traditional Damascene houses

Damascus, SANA – It is very important for anyone to know more about ancient elements in old Damascus, including the oriels ( Mashrabiya ) which  are windows at Damascene houses overlooking narrow allies.

The oriels are considered as one of the most important colors of Islamic architecture art, as head of “Documentation and Studies at Old Damascus Department”, Eng. Naeim Zabitta says.

Zabitta added that the history of the Damascene oriels dates back to the 13th century during the first Abbasid era, and this type of windows has then spread to the whole Levant, Egypt, Hijaz, Iraq and Yemen.

“The Mashrabiya is one of the traditional elements that top houses as an architectural element which were mainly placed on the widows of the upper floors to veil the vision, let  lighting and air go through the openings, Zabitta said.

He clarified that the Mashrabiya industry was considered as one of the ancient professions engraved by skilled hands that used wooden huts made through an artistic and architectural manner.

Hybah Sleman / Mazen







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