Thirteen medals for Syria at the Arab kickboxing championship of Baghdad

Baghdad, SANA-Syria Kickboxing team gained 13 different medals at the Arab championship for leagues and teams held in Iraq.

Wael al-Saed won the gold medal of the Full Contact competitions, one silver at the Point Fight and one bronze in the K1, while Ibrahim al-Hasan gained one silver medal at Point Fight and one bronze at Full contact, meanwhile, Mohammad Maher al-Turn obtained one silver medal of the full point and one bronze in the full contact.

At the Arab team championship, Ubai Issa gained one silver medal in the K1 and a silver in the full point, Shilan Yousef one bronze at full contact, Mohammad al-Sayyed gained the gold medal at full contact and the bronzeof point fight, Maher al-Khalaf gained the bronze of the point fight.

Mazen Eyon

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