The shipbuilding industry in Arwad island …a profession founded more than 2500 BC years old 

Tartous, SANA – The people of Arwad Island in Tartous province have talented in industry of marine ships and wooden boats since ancient times, as they inherited that profession from their Phoenician ancestors and used different kinds of woods.

“The sons are taught the shipbuilding from childhood not by academic study and most of tools used in manufacture of the ships are manual,” Khald Hammoud told SANA reporter.

Hammoud who is one of Arwad locals and works in the shipbuilding noted that the people of Arwad are constantly trying to improve this industry where they are able to manufacture the largest ships that match global industries.

Member of the executive office of Craftsmen Union in Tartous, Munzer Ramadan said that the ships and boats industry in Arwad is a historical Phoenician one which founded more than 2500 BC years ago, however it is at risk of being disappeared due to the lack of financial returns for its workers in general, as most of its workers did not teach their children to use it as a source of livelihood.

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