Prime Ministry hails national media’s role in defending homeland, conveying truth of what it is exposed to

Damascus, SANA- On anniversary of Syrian Press Day, Prime Ministry saluted and appreciated the national media and its cadres who have offered sacrifices in defending Syria and conveying the truth of what it has exposed to of terrorism, aggression and unfair siege to the whole world.

The Prime Ministry said, in a statement, that the “we rely on the national media in conveying the problems and obstacles that hinder the work in different sectors, in addition to proposing appropriate and objective solutions to these problems.”

The Prime Ministry expressed readiness to facilitate the work of the national media and adopt all necessary procedures that contribute to its success and enabling it from performing its message in defending its country.

The Prime Ministry saluted the spirits of the martyrs of Syrian Press, the wounded and media cadres who have accompanied the victories and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the Syrian people and homeland against terrorism, and worked on uncovering the crimes of the terrorists and their sponsors for their systematic destruction of the Syrian infrastructure.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Hala Zain

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