Syria: OPCW turned into a tool for exerting pressure on Syria

The Hague, SANA-Syria affirmed that the Organization for the Prohibition of chemical Weapons (OPCW) turned from a technical organization into a political tool by the US, Britain and France to exert pressure on Syria and direct baseless accusations against it.

A statement by the Syrian Arab Republic before the 97th session of the Executive Council of the OPCW, recited by Chairwoman of the Syrian mission to OPCW, Rania al-Refaei, said that the Organization has become a tool to exert pressure on Syria and direct false accusations against it, aimed at serving the agendas of some countries and passing the allegations of terrorist organizations.

The statement condemned allegations and claims launched by the US and its allies about “the possibility of Syria’s possession of chemical weapons,” affirming that these allegations are mere lies and fabrications.

Al-Refaei said that Syria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013 and fulfilled all its obligations at a time when the country faces a terrorist war waged against it, in which several countries sent more than 400,000 terrorists from more than 80 countries to attack Syria and its people, and those terrorists were offered political and media coverage by those countries.

She stressed that the actions of OPCW contradict the principles of professionalism, credibility, impartiality, and provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention, as the US largest chemical arsenal in the world was not destroyed although it poses a real threat to world peace and security.

She pointed out that the OPCW teams have turned into instruments which prepare packaged reports according to the countries’ agendas that control OPCW to pass the terrorist organizations’ allegations to be exported as legitimate documents with the aim of putting further pressure on Syria.

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