Pottery craftsman preserves his career for half century

Tartous, SANA-Taha Hammadi Al Hammadi, a man in his 70th, has persisted   his work in pottery industry for 55 years, providing with his traditional tools a wide group of pottery pieces which are still popular to many people in Tartous province.

On the main road between Tartous and Jableh , Abo Mohamad, nicknamed as  “al-Fakhouri” after his career in the industry, displays his goods which are totally hand-made.

He told SANA that he makes any piece according to the customer’s request.

The elements of Al-Fakhouri workshop, are simple, and the raw materials needed for the work are special soil that is mixed with water and kneaded well, then the materials would be put on fire for approximately 36-48 hours, after which it is ready for sale.

He added that he produces about 110 jars of pottery with a capacity of 20 liters of water daily as his products witness popularity, taking into consideration that some doctors recommend to drink water from the jars.

Hybah/ Mazen

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