Rowesit Hamdan… charming destination for lovers of walking in nature

Tartous , SANA- Rowesit Hamdan, located in the northern countryside of Safita city in Tartous province, enjoys natural, charming scenes and  moderate climate, evergreen vegetarian cover which offers the place a special fragrance and makes it a destination for lovers of walking in nature.

The village which has an area of about 16,000 square meter, overlooks several villages positioned over the mountain range, and it is linked with a network of paved roads, according to the village mayor, Samer Hasen  who said that the village is administratively affiliated to al- Jarweyia town, 10 km  from Safita and 27km from Tartous city .

Hassan adds that the moderate climate and the village fertile soil have helped people carry out seasonal agriculture crops, depending on cultivation of wheat, barley, legumes and tobacco for their livelihood, in addition to raising the livestock and poultry.

 “The green phytogeography in the place forms a fantastic picture, drawn by trees of olives, citrus, pomegranate, almonds, and fig… it is rare to see a house in the village that is empty from grapes’ arbor,” Hassan said.

He added that the village is surrounded by hills covered with forest trees such as oaks, hawthorn, cypress, basil bushes as well as some medicinal and aromatic wild plants like wild thyme, hyssop, chamomile, fennel, narcissus and others.

Hassan said that the reason behind the village name is that Rowesit refers to the height, while Hamdan is the first person who resided in the area, pointing out to the hospitality and amity of the village citizens.

The nature of Rowesit Hamdan makes it a tourist destination particularly for those who are fond of walking in nature.

Hybah/Mazen Eyon

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