Information Minister: Drama epic “because it is my country” is documentary of army heroisms

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister, lmad Sara, described the drama series “Because It is My Country,” which was produced by the Ministry of Information, as a drama epic documenting the heroisms of the Syrian Arab Army and the people’s resilience against terrorism to which the country has been exposed to, for ten years.

“The axis which supports terrorism overturned concepts and made the Syrian Arab soldier who fights for Syria and its soil as a terrorist and the mercenary who came from the West to our country under various titles, and shed the blood of innocents and destroyed infrastructure and institutions as representative of humanity,”Minister Sarah said in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of a press conference held by the production company of the series at the Information Ministry building.

The Minister pointed out that the series was directed by Najdat Isamail Anzour, and certainly the work will be realistic.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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