Medical achievement…center for blood stem cells transplantation and cellular therapy for children to be launched in Syria

Damascus, SANA – After few weeks, Syria will launch the center for blood stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy for children, the first of its kind in Syria, announcing a medical and scientific achievement with an increasing importance amid challenges that face the country in light of repercussions of war and economic blockade.

The center, which is located within a special section at the university hospital of Children in Damascus, witnesses the final preparations to open its doors during the next weeks, giving a chance to rescue the lives of children with genetic blood diseases, congenital immunodeficiency diseases, congenital and hereditary metabolic diseases, leukemia and some types of solid cancers.

The center receives children from the age of a month to 14 years. It consists of two sections, the first one is the Stem Cell Transplantation Division which consists of a unit of stem cell transplantations that includes 5 isolation rooms equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, medical equipment, sterilization technique and high ventilation sets to fulfil transplantation operations according to international standards, and the post-transplantation unite which includes 3 rooms and 4 beds.

Hybah/ Mazen Eyon

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