With simple tools, a young man from Tartous makes Oud instrument with high specifications

Tartous, SANA – Young man Hassan Zahra works hard in his small workshop in one of Sheikh Bader villages in Tartous province to develop his profession in making oud instrument which he has learnt since 3 years depending on simple tools, including a saw, file, drill and knife with smoothing tools.

Zahra told SANA reporter that his journey in learning Oud instrument industry came after skilling how to play of the instrument, adding that he has made use of social media websites in learning, selling and producing about 10 instruments during one year.

“My fondness of this machine and my inability to buy it previously has encouraged me to learn this profession, which is rarely spread among the young generation,” as he said.

He pointed out that he works on introducing, fir, beech and walnut wood in the industry to give it a distinctive luster, considering that the oud which is made of walnut wood as the best in terms of strength, shape and purity of sound.

Zahra believes that the oud maker should be patient in his work, as this industry requires enough time to get a machine that has features of a beautiful shape and sound with high specifications.

Hybah/Mazen Eyon



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