Two ballot boxes in liberated town of Bassimeh, Damascus Countryside

Damascus countryside, SANA- The polling stations in Wadi Barada area in Damascus countryside has witnessed an increasing turnout by the citizens over the past few hours as confirmed by those in charge of the centers, to SANA reporter.

In Wadi Barada, 19 boxes have been distributed, two of them in Bassimeh town, which had been liberated from terrorism, and to which its people returned short time ago, according to Head of the Municipal Council in Jdeidet al-Wadi, Eng. Tayasir Mawazini.

Mawazini added that two ballot boxes have been placed at the health center in al-Ashrafiyeh for the displaced citizens of Ain al-Fijah and the residents in al-Jdaideih and al-Ashrafiyeh.

Head of the Polling Station at the Municipality of Jdeidet al-Wadi, Abdulsttar Safiyeh, said that the voting process is conducted regularly and every citizen could cast his vote freely and with a complete secrecy.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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