President al-Assad discusses executive mechanisms for implementing the consumer protection law

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday met Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf , Interior Minister Mohammad Khaled al-Rahmoun, Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Talal Al-Barazi,and Justice Minister Ahmad al-Sayyed, and discussed with them executive mechanisms for implementing the consumer protection law.

During the meeting, President al-Assad instructed the ministers to set a precise definition of capacities and responsibilities of each party working in the committees tasked with monitoring market movement, price control, regulating and following -up breaches in a way that ensures the integrity of roles between government agencies and the local community and implementation of law effectively without any insufficiency.

President al-Assad also instructed the ministers to set up a detailed working mechanism that defines the role of local councils and municipalities and their executive responsibilities that complement the role of the Ministries of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection and the Interior in the process of price monitoring and control in a way that guarantees real activation of the supervisory and regulatory role of local councils over the entire Syrian geography in cities and countryside, in a way that makes this law an effective and integrated platform for controlling markets in the interests of people’s lives by clarifying the detailed tasks in decisions and executive instructions that will be issued and defined, starting from how to monitor and inform, through to regulating control and up to transferring it to the judiciary where breaches receive the penalties they deserve.

Shaza Qriema/Mazen Eyon

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