93 years since its discovery.. Ugarit: Syrian story with treasures of a unique cultural identity

Damascus, SANA-Before than 7500 years BC, A Syrian ancient Kingdom was established along the coast of Mediterranean Sea which was a prosperous cultural center that reached a high level of civilization as documents and discoveries say.

Ugarit, which was discovered on the same date before 93 years , offered humanity its greatest achievement, the first alphabet, that was found in Ras Shamra, as well as 3557 pottery inscriptions found in its corners between 1939 and 1988 with written documents and many texts engraved on materials such as monument stone, weapons, vessels, and many others that interpreted Ugarit’s wide relations with other kingdoms.

When the Ugaritic people created their written language through the alphabetical way, the ancient East knew two methods of writing, the first hieroglyphic (the pictographic ) as in Egypt and the syllabic cuneiform as in Mesopotamia, but they required a large number of signs, which made their use difficult.

As for the Ugaritic writing that appeared in 1400 B.C., it consisted of 30 cuneiform signs, and each one symbolizes a consonant that is independent of the phoneme.

Scientific research affirms that the Ugaritic language is close to Arabic in terms of structures, grammar, morphology, and special vocabulary, and it has about 1000 words which are the same in the Arabic language.

The ruins of Ugarit indicate a well-planned kingdom and buildings, as it included paved roads , residential buildings, administrative buildings, the library and the royal palace, all that requires an urgent need to launch an integrated cultural project around this civilization.

Shaza al-Ashkar/Mazen Eyon



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