With participation of Syria, virtual meeting of the UN about giving priority to recovery of education process

Damascus, SANA-Syria participated in the virtual high-level meeting via internet, organized by the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and entitled “one year after the spread of the Coronavirus, giving priority to the recovery of the education process to avoid generation disaster.”

The meeting, which aims to provide a platform for mutual learning via the Internet reaching formation of a comprehensive recovery process for education enlightened by knowledge and evidence, included three axes; keeping schools open, giving priority to teachers and supporting them, school and university dropout, learning loss, digital transformation and the future of education.

Minister of Education, Darem Tabaa, said in a speech during the meeting that the Syrian youth is one of the most educated groups in the Middle East region, as Syria has achieved an almost complete joining rate to primary education and a high rate of completion of secondary education.

“The conditions imposed by the terrorist war on Syria have led to subjecting more than two million Syrian children outside the school, inside and outside Syria, and others at risk of dropping out and losing 1/5 of the teaching staff and educational supervisors, in addition to the subjugating one out of five schools to damage and destruction which caused years of educational retreat among students,” Tabaa said.

He affirmed the important role of the Ministry, through its future visions, in continuing to rehabilitating the affected schools and bringing them back to work, reducing school dropouts for pupils and students, in addition to developing the remote learning system by spreading learning platforms to include all Syrian cities and securing the necessary technology that ensures effective participation in remote learning and virtual learning systems.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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