Ayn al-Lubnah: A village that summarizes the wonders of nature in Safita

Tartous, SANA- One of the most wonderful villages in Safita, Tartous countryside, that combines the magic of the place and the kindness of souls to form part of God’s paradise on earth is Ayn al-Lubnah village that summarizes  the beauty and charm of nature.

The village was named so due to the presence of a large tree which is called “al-Lubnah”, with estimations to be hundreds of years’ age. The tree has grown   next to a spring of water in the center of the village. This spring is considered as a destination for the people due to the purity of its water and its charming nature, according the village municipality chief , Joseph Eid.

Eid referred to an old water mill in the village that dates back to more than two hundred years, surrounded by tourist parks which make use of the beauty of the place, the permanent greenness and the ancient heritage.

The village is affiliated to Mashta al-Helou town 14 km east of Safita in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous.

Nisreen/ Mazen Eyon

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