Crimea Republic stresses continued commercial cooperation with Syria

Moscow, SANA- Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Republic of Crimea Georgy Muradov announced continued commercial cooperation with Syria despite of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on it.

Muradov told Sputnik in a statement on Thursday that there is an upcoming meeting of the Russian-Syrian governmental committee, asserting that a cooperation agreement between Crimea and Syria has been drafted in the tourist sector which allows tourists exchange between the two countries.

Syria is the first partner of the Crimean Peninsula, he said, adding that the establishment of Commercial House between the two countries and the next step will be the establishment of the Crimea-Syrian shipment company.

He pointed out that Syria has been exposed to unjust coercive measures that many commercial entities fear from, asserting Crimea readiness to trade exchange with Syria.

In August 2019, Syria and Russian Republic of Crimea signed an agreement on strengthening commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries within the activities of Damascus International Fair in the fields of establishing a commercial House and a shipment company for the private sector and exchanging exhibitions.

Hala Zain

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