Daraya City throbs with life again after liberation from terrorism

Damascus, SANA- A different scene marked by improvement is embodied in front of you when you visit the city of Daraya, which is located eight kilometers from the capital, Damascus. More than four years have passed since this city was liberated from the terror that wreaked havoc and devastation in it, but its people have started the reconstruction, activity and work in the City.

The streets, shops, restaurants, schools, and service institutions are bustling throughout the day, drawing details of the normal life in the city, the locals in Daraya told SANA.

Ahmed Murad, owner of a car repair shop, said he started work six months ago and the work movement in Daraya is witnessing improvement and development and most of the crafts have regained their activity, while Samir Mohammad Kaadan, owner of a vegetable store, says the situation is getting better.

While buying vegetables, citizen Ruba Alyan said that she returned a year and a half ago after the improvement in the service and educational situation in Daraya, pointing out that the shops, pharmacists and doctors have regained their activity, which was also confirmed by Insaf al-Lahham, pointing out that Daraya needs more transport cars.

The transport movement between Daraya and Damascus has also witnessed an improvement, according to the driver Nasr Nassif, who said: “The movement has returned well in all sectors, and every day you notice a development in one domain.”

Citizen Ahmed al-Baghdadi said that the city is rising again after the availability of all basic services, even transportation has become better as there are about a hundred microbuses working between Damascus and Daraya.

Regarding the works carried out in the water sector, Head of Daraya Water Unit, Eng. Yasmine al-Baszarak, said that about 80 percent of the water lines network in Daraya has been maintained, adding that work is underway to maintain water network in a number of neighborhoods and four wells have been rehabilitated.

Meanwhile, Darya Telecommunication Center has returned to work and started receiving citizens. Raghda Srouji, a cashier at the center, affirmed that there was a demand by the locals to install landline lines and internet gates after the return of normal life to Daraya.

While examining patients in the health center, which was full of patients and mothers who came to it to give the vaccine to their children, Dr. Mohammad Habib said that the center began operating about a year and a half ago and it receives patients on a daily basis in most clinics, affirming that the situation moving for the better in all sectors.

The local council is in direct contact and continuous follow-up to provide the necessary services and the basic needs of the citizens, according to Head of the council, Marwan Obeid, who assured the delegate of SANA that people began to return to Daraya gradually with the return of services and the number of the rehabilitated homes in the neighborhoods that were completely destroyed reached ten thousand houses, in which about 40 thousand people live.

Obeid noted that work is underway to remove the rubble and maintain a number of streets, adding that and most of the service buildings are ready, and six schools have been rehabilitated, which can accommodate 6000 students, and work is underway to rehabilitate two schools.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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