Iraqi Foreign Minister: Iraq supports establishment of zones free of nuclear weapons throughout the world

Baghdad, SANA- Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein stressed his country’s commitment to disarmaments and non-proliferation’s agreements and conventions, reiterating Iraq’s support to the establishment of zones free of nuclear weapons throughout the world.

Iraqi News Agency quoted Hussein as saying, in his speech via video in the high-level segment session of the Conference on Disarmament held in Geneva, that Iraq believes that global joining of the international conventions related to the weapons of mass- destruction and the global commitment to them with non-discrimination and
elimination of those weapons are considered as one of the main pillars in strengthening peace and stability in the world.

The Iraqi diplomat pointed out that the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic and its repercussions on various domains reaffirmed the importance of unifying all efforts in addressing the common challenges and threats.

The Israeli occupation entity is the only one in the region which possesses weapons of mass destruction and refuses to join all conventions and agreements related to the prohibition and prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, which makes it the main source for threatening the peace and security in the region.
Hala Zain

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