Health centers in Eastern Ghouta … wide medical services after restoration – video  

Damascus Countryside, SANA- From different towns of Eastern Ghouta, the locals go to Misraba Health Center to get treatment and medicine for free. The center, which was one of the first health centers to return to service after the liberation of these towns from terrorism in 2018, is currently receiving about 200 visitors on a daily basis.

Misraba Center provides qualitative services for the locals of different age groups, especially children, women and the patients who have chronic diseases such as dental treatment, according to Director of the center and the head of Chronic Diseases Program in Damascus Countryside Health Directorate, Dr. Mohammad Eid Tabranin.

Dr. Tabranin told SANA that the Misraba Center is one of the first health centers to return to provide services to the locals in the region after the liberation of the town from terrorism in 2018, indicating that in conjunction with the work of restoration of infrastructure and repair of damages, the center has begun its work and expanded its services over time to include vaccines for children, in addition to the reproductive health services for women, and programs for diabetes, hypertension, asthma and others.

He added that the center provides free drug treatment to patients with chronic diseases whose number is currently 1,300 patients on a monthly basis according to a program for each patient who stays continuously.

Tabranin said that the center serves diabetics in Misraba along with the locals in Madyara, Beit Sawa and Harasta, and if there is a lack in any medicine, it is provided in coordination with NGOs.

A number of Misraba locals expressed satisfaction over the return of services provided by the center, which they find good after years of suffering before the town was liberated from terrorism, which prevented them from medicines and treatment in addition to the targeting health facilities and damaging and plundering them at the hands of terrorists.

Umm Khaled, the woman in her fifties, said that she remained in the area during the presence of the terrorists and suffered like the rest of the locals because of the lack of treatment supplies, adding “There are those who lost their lives because they did not receive treatment as terrorists prevented even emergency cases from going to hospitals or centers in other regions.”

From Harasta, Diyab Nu’aman, who came to take insulin medicine for his diabetic son, highly appreciated the efforts of the health center’s workers.

Damascus Countryside Health Directorate has continued to restore and renovate health centers in Eastern Ghouta since the liberation of its towns in 2018 as the number of renovated centers has so far reached 32.

In addition to restoring damaged centers, Damascus Countryside Health Directorate has allocated mobile clinics in areas where there are no health centers, in addition to prefabricated centers pending the renovation of the immobile centers.


Ruaa al-Jazaeri




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