QSD militia kidnaps a number of civilians in Raqqa countryside

Raqqa, SANA- US occupation-backed QSD militia kidnapped civilians, among them a number of young men, in Raqqa northern and eastern countryside to force them to fight in its ranks.

Local sources told SANA that QSD militia gunmen set up barriers around the town of al-Karama in Raqqa eastern countryside and kidnapped a number of young men and took them to their training camps to fight in their ranks.

In Raqqa northern countryside, Local sources reported that QSD militants stormed the citizens’ houses in Hazima town, kidnapped four civilians and took them to unknown destination.

US- backed QSD militia kidnapped on Thursday two women from al -Howl refugee camp in Hasaka countryside and number of civilians after launching a storming campaign in al-Ezba town in the countryside of Deir-Ezzor.

Bushra Dabin/ Hala Zain

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