Al-Ayoun (Al-Owainia) … a picture of beauty in Tartous countryside

Tartous, SANA- “Al-Ayoun land” was named for the existence of many springs of water in the area, it is the village of (Al-Owainiya) in Tartous province , where visitors live the opportunity to enjoy its attractive views and watch the flow of water pouring from the cavities of sparkling rocks in the slope of its flow towards the slopes and taste its traditional food in popular gatherings held at these springs.

Al- Owainia village is distinguished by its charming views of the sea and mountains, its picturesque landscapes, and its homes that combine the modern urban character with the ancient stone houses.

Municipality chief of the village, Abeer Merhej, pointed out that the village is located on Tartous- Draikish road, 13 km from the city of Tartous.

The village’s richness in water made its fertile soil suitable for various types of crops and it is famous for its citrus fruits, olives, apples and other fruit trees in addition to seasonal vegetables and tobacco, according to Merge .

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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