Bnimra… a green pearl among the mountains

Tartous, SANA -Among the ancient oak mountains and in the lap of green nature, the peaceful village of Bnimra lies where fresh water springs burst from their peaks, making a picture that resembles green pearls.

Bnimra is located near Sheikh Badr town in Tartous. The village mayor, Mohamed Ahmed Shaheen, told SANA that Bnimra area is about two thousand dunams, and it naming returns to the abundant of springs and fruits.

The village is famous for its picturesque nature, according to Shaheen, it is distinguished by the cultivation of olives, tobacco and citrus fruits, which lit up the greenery of its trees in bright colors that added elegance and beauty.

The village is also distinguished by its fresh air and pleasant summer breezes that restore the soul to its visitors, despite the difficulty of the road to it, but the village has never been empty of tourists who spend hours of their time to enjoy the beauty of its charming nature.

Parks of the village, which rest on the banks of a river connecting Benimra and al-Sourani, are full, especially in summer, with visitors coming to taste the traditional dishes for which the region is famous and to enjoy the magic of unspoiled nature.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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