Coronavirus claims lives of more than 1,780,000 persons worldwide

Capitals, SANA-The Worldometer website which conducts statistics on the infections and deaths of coronavirus around the world announced on Tuesday that the virus has claimed the lives of more than 1,780,000 persons worldwide since last December.

The total number of coronavirus infections reached up to 81,621,413, of which 1,780,331 have passed away, and 57,701,161 have recovered, according to the Website’s statistics.

The US is ranked first in the list of the most affected countries with the virus due to infections and deaths, as it has registered 342,953 deaths out of 19,754,278 infection cases.

India comes in the second place with 148,190 deaths out of 10,224,797 infection cases, then Brazil is third after it has registered 191,641 deaths out of 7,506,890 infection cases.

Hala Zain

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