Bishop Kousa: Syria has defeated terrorism thanks to its people unity and resilience

Cairo, SANA-Archbishop Krikor Kousa, Bishop of Alexandrea, said that Syria triumphed over terrorism and offered an example for the whole world in steadfastness and defending for its sovereignty and people.

Krikor clarified in a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, after Merry Christmas’s mass on Thursday evening, that the triumph that Syria achieved over terrorism was thanks to Syria’s unity in facing what it suffered from, saying “Because we love each other and love our country, we won against terrorism and enemies, referring to the return of stability and security to most of the Syrian territories’.

He added that Syria is the cradle of divine civilisations and it is the country of coexistence, loyalty and devotion. It is the country for all and the place from which the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Messenger of Love and Peace, were launched.

Archbishop prayed during the Mass for the return of security and stability to whole Syria and for peace to prevail throughout the world.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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