Despite his injury, odor of determination and resilience emits from perfumes composed by Hussein

Tartous, SANA – The odor of determination and resilience emits from each perfume bottle composed by Hussein al-Kurdi who was wounded in a direct clash with terrorists in one of the neighborhoods of his city Homs.

Hussein started his project of composing perfumes in Tartous province, a decent job that has helped him meet the basic needs of living in light of the difficult circumstances from which most people are suffering.

 I was shot in the beginning of the year 2012, as my injury caused a vertebrae fragmentation along with a damage to the spinal cord, and I lost the ability to walk, Hussein told SANA reporter.

Hussein rejected to become a burden on the shoulders of his family, and the beginning of the resilience and challenge started from Tartous City where he resides as he started gradually to walk with the help of crutches.

“After I obtained the first grant provided for the wounded, I decided to invest it in a small project that suits my health condition, and that would achieve financial returns which are acceptable to some extent, and I started the carrier of composing perfumes which I found very suitable for me as I have worked on developing my small shop at one of the booths which are assigned for the wounded,” Hussein said.

He added that after obtaining the second grant which was estimated at SYP 2 million, he was able to supply his shop with additional types of perfumes, and he has worked on composing his special perfume which he named after his wife “Fairouz” in gratitude for her standing by him and her patience as she has been a real supporter for him and for his success.

Hussein wished to get a larger workplace which is equipped with the required materials that help him to work with more comfort and would enable him to further develop his work and allow him to increase the sales of the perfumes as he buys the perfumes essences from one of the shops and he works on composing them again.

He noted that he started the project from seven years ago, and he has sensed the humanitarian feelings by the Syrians, whether as individuals or governmental bodies or civil initiatives as all of them have been a real supporter for him and one of the main reasons behind the success of any wounded person who has started a project and worked in it.

Hussein sent a message to his wounded comrades asking them to be resilient and strong in the face of the challenges, as they have been able to face what has been much more difficult while they had been confronting the gangs of killing which have tried to break the unity, resilience and will of the Syrian people.

Hybah Sleman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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