Archaeological discoveries at Siaa’ site in Sweida, Southern Syria

Sweida, SANA_ The national archaeological mission of Sweida Antiquities Department has completed the archaeological excavations at Sia’ site near Qanawat for the current season, in which the work has focused on the northern part of the foot of Tal Sia’ (the northern terrace) northwest of the Baal Shamin Temple.

In a statement, Sweida Antiquities Department Chief Nashat Kiwan said parts of a staircase leading to the north terrace were discovered, where ancient walls of a small room were found.

The Head of Sweida Antiquities Department, Dr. Nashaat Kiwan said in a stamen to SANA on Thursday, that parts of a stairway leading to the northern terrace were discovered, where ancient walls appeared for a small room in which the entrance appeared.

He added that it appeared that there is more than one architectural void at this point of the site.

According to Kiwan, the mission uncovered bronze and pottery artifacts, in addition to basalt stone sculpture and a number of architectural elements decorated with an architectural decoration dating back to the period of the first century BC and the first century AD.

Kiwan stated that the mission consisted of cadres of Sweida Antiquities Department as specialists in archeology, architecture and restoration, and graduates and students of the Department of Archeology at the Second College of Arts in Sweida participated in it.

He considered that this participation resulted in good results at the archaeological and professional level.

These discoveries are unique in the site, as this season is considered one of the best seasons of excavation in Sia’, Kiwan concluded.

Nisreen Othman / GH.A.Hassoun

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