Leather industry… aesthetic touches mix contemporary with antique

Damascus, SANA_ The craftsman Amer Nadim, in his leather production workshop in Dummar Central Incubator for Craft Arts, tries to mix contemporary, heritage and antiquity of this craft, using aesthetic artistic touches that attract shoppers to his products, which vary between bags, belts and wallets.

Nadim, in a statement to SANA, explained that the leather industry requires a lot of effort, talent and patience to reach the final shape required by using skill, sense and imagination, and learning about the culture of previous civilizations.

The stages of making a piece include focusing on the size, length and width of the piece based on international measurements, drawing the approved model, cutting, printing and dyeing the appropriate color which gives it an oriental style.

Then the stage of applying the piece with its subtle details, stitching it, installing the appropriate zipper, perforating, installing the appropriate twine for the piece, and ending the work by putting the final aesthetic touches

To present a special and distinguished designs for his products, Nadim explained that he is trying to integrate contemporary with originality by producing models of different sizes suitable for women of all ages by adding Chinese brocade to his products while preserving the oriental character.

He indicates the availability of large quantities of leather products capable of covering the needs of the markets, and there are special requests for certain designs that are manufactured to the internal markets and outside the country for the eastern pieces of special sizes.

Among the difficulties that the craft faces are the high prices of raw materials, the difficulty of marketing, the lack of human cadres and the power outage, according to Nadim.

Hybah sleman /GH.A.Hassoun

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