Health Ministry prepares hospital and emergency room in Damascus to address Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA- Health Ministry has equipped an emergency hospital in Al-Faihaa Sports City with a capacity of 120 beds to receive cases infected with Coronavirus with moderate symptoms and in need of oxygen support only, and has allocated a hundred additional beds that can be used when needed as part of the measures taken in preparation for the possibility of a new wave of infections.

The hospital is equipped with all the requirements for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, lifesaving, and oxygen-giving supplies, in addition to a modern ambulance equipped to transport emergency cases to the nearest hospital (Ibn al-Nafees Hospital).

According to the director of Readiness, Ambulance and Emergency Department at the ministry, Dr. Tawfiq Hasaba, these measures are part of the ministry’s preparations to provide the appropriate services to Coronavirus patients in the event of a new climax, especially with the increase in cases since last Tuesday compared with previous weeks and with the approaching winter season, where the number of cases is expected to increase.

In conjunction with preparing an emergency hospital, the Ministry of Health established an emergency management room in the ministry’s building to coordinate work on managing cases infected with the Coronavirus.

The room aims to regulate the movement of ambulances that transport Coronavirus patients to the appropriate hospital according to the available beds at the hospitals, and it works through a coordinator to collect and update data related to coronavirus from public and private hospitals.

Doctor Hasaba clarified that the aim of creating the emergency room is to collect data related to coronavirus infections in all the governmental and private hospitals in the provinces, the number of beds allocated to receive the infections and the available equipment, in addition to coordinating the work of ambulances that transport patients with symptoms of Coronavirus to the hospitals.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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