Al-Nouri discusses with Chamber of Industry means of developing cadres in industrial sector

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Administrative Development Hassan al-Nouri said Wednesday that Syria needs a new form of administrations that participate in economic, political, Social and cultural reform and building a new sphere of work to develop the general administration in the institutions of private and public sectors.

Meeting members of Damascus Chamber of Industry, the Minister affirmed the importance of developing the industrial sector and increasing its effectiveness during the current time as several industrial establishments were sabotaged and looted at the hands of terrorists, pointing out to the Ministry’s readiness to offer all help to the industrialists.

He affirmed that Syria needs all its sons, inside and outside the country, to exert intensified efforts for reconstructing their homeland in a new way.

The Minister also stressed the need for searching about the positive side resulted from the crisis and putting it in a general framework in
cooperation with the Chamber of Industry, particularly as the private sector became a strategic partner with the government to promote the national economy.


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