Rojenda Orchestra … a special zither band that plays Western and Eastern music

Sweida, SANA- The Syrian Orchestra of Zither (Rojenda) is unique in its frame that is based on the Zither in presenting a different musical style with a new distribution that combines classical western and eastern Arab music with its ambition to enhance its presence and distinction at various levels.

Rojenda Band, founded in 2019 in Sweida, includes a group of students from the eastern section of Farid Al-Atrash institute of Music in Sweida, including zither players, in addition to rhythm and cello players of different ages, according to the founder and leader of the band (Aouj Abu Zaid).

Abu Zaid said that the band is the first of its kind in Syria for the zither, with the intention of highlighting this ancient instrument at the level of the province and the country by embracing the buried talents, especially among children, in a way that contributes to highlighting and developing them academically and raising an educated and conscious generation that carries with it a rich legacy of folklore, culture and art.

As for the reason behind naming the Oorchestra with Rojenda , Abu Zaid clarified that this name means in ancient languages the rising sun, meaning that the talented children will have a bright future in the world of art and music to spread beauty among people away from the culture of terrorism, stressing that with music “we are victorious over war and disease.”

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen

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