Al-Laham: Any support to armed terrorist organizations in Syria a violation of UN charter

Lahore, SANA- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham called for mobilizing efforts to fight terrorism according to a comprehensive strategy and with the participation of all countries.

Al-Laham, speaking at the 7th conference of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) in Lahore, said that no issue deserves to be a main topic on the Assembly’s agenda more than the issue of the international terrorism which spreads as cancer in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq.

“Any support to the armed terrorist organizations in Syria is a flagrant violation of the UN charter and Security Council’s resolutions,” al-Laham added.


He affirmed that Syria warned, a year ago, at this platform, that the acts of some countries which politically differ with Syria and the support offered by the neighboring countries to the armed terrorist groups will take the region and the whole world into a dark tunnel and destabilize the Middle East for long decades.

“Syria has drawn the world attention that the disaster, which will take place at the hands of terrorist organizations who receive support form regional and western countries, will affect all” al-Laham said, adding that terrorists have posed a threat, not only to Syria and Iraq, but also to the international peace and security.

He wondered “how long the world will remain going in the wrong way as a follower to the US policy which has brought nothing, but destruction and disasters.”

PA Speaker warned against the danger of the US-led coalition’s disregard of the International Security Council’s resolutions No. 1373, 2170, and 2178 which call for the necessity of the international cooperation to counter terrorism and dry its sources.

Al-Laham also warned of exploiting that coalition to strike Syria’s infrastructure and impose “no-fly zone” and other malicious intentions which have no purpose, except to fight the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army which has confronted terrorism for 4 years.

He referred to the Russian efforts to revive the track of political solution through bringing the Syrian sides to the dialogue table, adding that Syria welcomes any sincere efforts to stop the bloodshed of the Syrians, but not at the expense of Syria’s unity and sovereignty.

Al-Laham also appreciated the efforts exerted by Pakistan to host the conference, hoping it reach resolutions and recommendations that would help enhance cooperation among the Asian States to tackle the issues of the continent.

Al-Laham: Need for unifying international efforts to combat terrorism  

On the sidelines of the conference,  al-Laham discussed with Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, the current president of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari bilateral relations between Syria and Pakistan and ways to develop them in all fields.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the situation in the Middle East , particularly the terrorist war against Syria and Iraq.

Al-laham affirmed the necessity of unifying the international and regional efforts to combat extremism and terrorism according to the UN Security Council resolutions.

For his part, Bokhari expressed hope that the Syrian people will overcome the current ordeal.

He asserted Pakistan’s support to the national reconciliation efforts being carried out by the Syrian government.

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