Hasaka Drinking Water Establishment: Complete maintenance works of Alouk water project start

Hasaka, SANA- General Establishment for Drinking Water in Hasaka province has started the complete maintenance works of all sections and technical equipment in Alouk Water Project to put it into service as soon as possible and with its full production capacity.

Director General of the Water Establishment in Hasaka Mahmoud al-Akla said, in a statement to SANA, that the technical workshops affiliated to the establishment have started the maintenance works of all equipment and supplies of the project, particularly which operate the wells.

Akla pointed out that maintenance works are carried out directly at the project site, while some equipment are transferred to the Establishment’s headquarter in Hasaka city for repairing and re-installing them.

Al-Akla indicated that the number of wells currently operating in the project are 17 ones, asserting that work is underway to rehabilitate and maintain a new group of wells to put them into service by the end of next week, which will increase the quantities of water for the subscribers.

He noted that maintenance works continue till putting all wells and pumping stations into service.

It is noteworthy, that Alouk project, which is located in the countryside of Ras al-Ayn city which was controlled by Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries, consists of 30 wells, where a large part of equipment were subjected to technical failures due to terrorist attacks and Turkish occupation forces repeated prevention of the workers of the establishment and maintenance workshops from entering the project and its pumping stations.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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