Two centers opened in Damascus to take covid-19 PCR swabs for those willing to travel Abroad

Damascus, SANA- The centers of al-Jalaa and Tishreen Sport Cities in Damascus On Sunday started to take PCR swabs to detect the coronavirus for those who are willing to travel abroad through Beirut Airport.

the center of al-Jalaa Sport City will take 200 swabs daily while the center of Tishreen Sport Hall will take 100 swabs daily as the total number of the taken swabs will reach up to 300 daily which is the capacity of the central laboratory at the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for conducting the test and delivering the results of the analysis to the traveler 48 hours before the date of travel.

At al-Jalaa Sport Hall in al-Mezzeh neighborhood in Damascus, Mua’az Qadir, from Readiness Department at the Health Ministry, said that the people enter into a special section within the Sports City park which is equipped to accommodate more than 40 people, with all health measures being taken in terms of commitment to wearing masks and sitting in a manner that ensures social distancing.

Then, they fill out the forms and take swabs, each according to his role which is registered on a paper and when they finish the required measures other people are allowed to enter.

A number of those wishing to travel expressed satisfaction over the taken regulatory measures today and the prevention of crowding, as George Nakhleh who is a traveler to Dubai said that the swab was taken for him easily after presenting the commercial bank’s notice indicating that he paid the test value last Thursday and was unable to take the swab because of the crowding previously.

Fatima Munasah and Mustafa Aqeel, specialists in taking swabs, and nurse Taghreed Badour who is responsible for recording traveler’s data before taking the swab, indicated that organizing the role and allocating numbers for those wishing to take the swab made it easier to work on the one hand and helped to perform their tasks in an atmosphere of comfort, stressing adherence to all preventive measures in terms of wearing isolation coveralls.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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